Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chanel No. 5

Isn't it funny how a scent can change from person to person? One person can wear a fragerance & it smells divine. Another wears the same thing it it's damn near toxic. My grandma who I love with all my heart wears Chanel no. 5 and I really don't care for it. I had a customer today that had it on & she smelled delicious.

On Sunday I wrote my last blog entry at my space account. I'll probably still check in on my other myspace friends lives, but won't post anything there for the next 6 months is ever again. After I completed my final post I felt a bit sad. Sad yet ready for the next experience in letting others in on my journeys. Anyway I got to work & sat at the desk I usually sit at on Sundays. We don't have cubicles or designated terminals in workspaces. For the most part though this particular spot I always sit at on Sundays. As I sat in the chair I noticed on the desk the backside of what I could only assume was a tarot or some kind of oracle card. I had tredidation in turning it over, fearing that if it said satan or evil on it it would be a signal that less then good things were on their way.

Turning it over I felt the kind of relief only the superstitious have. When I looked at the front of the card I knew it was a signal or a sign that I was indeed on the right path. That the last myspace entry was meant to be & that taking this long overdo break from chasing love & affection was the best thing for me (& everyone else for that matter!). The picture on the card was touched my heart. It has 3 women who look like goddesses, with hair adorned with flowers, dancing in the rain. They're arms appear to be flailing about with joy and there are sun breaks coming through the gray background. When I saw the word at the bottom of the card there was a sense that the divine is all around me, if I just stay open to it. What did the card say? It said in all caps...