Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cat Fur

Sometimes I like to pick up my cat & smell deeply into his fur. I love his scent! He smells clean & animalish all at the same time. Is it weird to smell into animals fur? Well whatever.

Reading about Gandhi. Always loved his politics. The place I've come to lately makes me feel a need to follow his examples. Not having things I don't need. Not wasting sexual energy. Causing no harm in anyway including the ways I think of people. Because I may hate someones behavior, but the person still is a child of the Universe. Everyone has something to teach. Hate has never made hate go away. Violence has never worked on a long term basis. That's why I hate so much what's happening in Palestine. People suffering from violence only to turn around and use violence in the name of "God's" property. It's their violence that saddens & repulses me. But my own violence, toward myself & others has been ugly. No I've never beaten anyone up or physically hurt anyone. But I've mentally cut myself & others to shreads with judgement & negativity. How does that create lasting joy? So I'm discovering that part of being true to myself is that my deepest nature is to love and be happy. Simple as that.

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