Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blood & Babies

How come I never hear women talk much about their menstrual blood? How come when I did a google search on menstrual blood, it was hard to find any real images of it? It's got a strong smell. Like a butcher attacked my underware. It's got colors of brown, red & pink. It's my body escaping me. Why's that so bad? My pal Ebbie used to to tampon art & it was not as cheesey as one may think. A giant cross made of tampons may have been cliche, but was powerful nonetheless. I remember hearing of a woman who used her own blood as paint for her paintings. As gross as this may sound to some, I would have loved to see it. I'm gonna take some pics of my blood. I think it's high time more women show the world this "evil" thank you. After all for you christians, let's not forget Mary had to be on the rag at least once to have baby Jesus!

Anyway last night I drempt I was at a grocery store shopping. In the refrigerator section was stacks of several babies. All caucasian babies lying quietly & on sale. I decided to get one that had a good face & bought my baby. What the heck was that about?
I think about if I want babies. Adoption, step kids & the like sometimes feels more inviting. My ma wants grandkids very badly. And according to Oprah I'm past my prime (at 31!) & need to get a move on. Such a very big thing. Anyway I'm grateful for NOT having any kids at this point as I would have surely been a terrible mama. At least now I can consider it, because there's more balance (most days). Now here's a completely unrelated quote...

"When you find the self you find love"
-Carl Jung

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