Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Very Busy World Of Ms. F

Not only do I seem to feel constantly busy but Mercury is in retrograde, skipping along causing troubles in communications. Ahh well, life's sweet just the same. I wanted to write about my weekend, last weekend but didn't have time to blog. I now have a whole 18 minutes, but I don't type fast so here goes about mah lafe.

Yesterday I worked the antiques show at the Expo Center for my good pal John. I left with a beautiful rhinestone laurette, rhinestone barette, white gold hoops & a 60's wool poncho. Them my new pal CM picked me up after a brief nap & some curried rice & we went to a formal house party that was really fun despite that my shoes hurt my feet. Friday after work I attended a sex toys 101 party at It's My Pleasure. I brought the very first curry dish I've ever cooked & it was liked. The class was okay, but I could have taught it myself.

The weekend prior I went to Coos Bay for a Area 58 assembly. It was really awesome. I felt a lot of love & spirit. Lots of talks that were intimate & caring, lots of being real, lots of laughter & of course plenty of hugs, a few verbal fights & more learing to be true to self. It was a magical time.

Other than the weekends the weekdays are busy with sponsee to sponsor chats, meetings, dinners, Netflix films, dinking around with the website I'm trying to build, figuring out what to do with my life career wise, reading, lots of prayin' & work. Plus a crappy cold a few weeks back. All in all life is sweet & I love the life I've been given. Amen to that!

peace out bitches!

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