Monday, March 13, 2006

It's Like I'm a CrackHead!

Seriously. My skin all over my body is itching. It's most likely allergies & forgetting to take my Allegra until an hour ago. But it kinda blows. I feel like Tyrone from the Chappelle show.
And ya know what else. I'm gassy! Bloated too. I love this oat bran cereal but it makes me fart these really rotten beans mixed with leftover souffle kinda farts. Did I mention the gigantic zit on the end of my nose? Life is funny!
My granny is out of the hospital & should be going home in a few days so there's some good news! And I forgot to mention yesterday I walked 4 miles on Saturday. I'm going to do it again Wednesday I think. Oops I just farted again. I gotta go!

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