Monday, April 03, 2006

More is Always Revealed

So this is a photo of myself with high school best friends Heather & Lisa when we were teenagers. Much has changed for us all. Lisa doesn't even go by Lisa anymore. Since I moved to PDX I've missed these 2 more than words can say. Recently I was sent some pics of the 3 of up when we were 16! I can't believe how much I look the same. Weird!

Anyway my mood is improving. When I'm sick I'm chicken little. Today I finally feel better. Not 100%, but okay. Something needs to be done about this getting sick all the time thing & I think some of it was figured out this morning. I was chatting w/ my coworker K & I realized that I'm totally emotionally detoxing. Just like it takes the body & mind a while to detox from booze, drugs & so on, it also has to be the case for elimination toxic people & attitudes. My system is cleaning out all the crap & I'm dealing with things I have not faced in years. So now is the time to be more gentle with myself & others as I have to remember when others are actin' loco that they are sick & need love & encouragement. Mee thinks it's time to integrate meditation into my life more. Calm the racebrain from the get go. So much I know in my mind, but it takes years to feel in my heart. Lucky for me I never stay hurt, sad, angry, etc. for long. My knuckleheaded optimisim always comes through & for that I am grateful!

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Lind-Zee said...

Oh, you guys are SO cute!! I love the fact that more will always be revealed - keeps things interesting and surprising. And it seems to happen just when we need it.

Thanks for the chat tonight, Chica, and for being in my life! What a beautiful and exciting world!

Glad you're feeling better! But take it easy or I swear I'll kick yer ass! :o)