Friday, May 05, 2006

Curry & Tom Cruise

Two totally seperate personal news items.
1. Last night I made my second attemp at curry. This was a red curry dish & it turned out quite well. The veggies got a bit over cooked, which I admit is ofteb a weak point in my dishes. But I just had some leftovers from last night & it's good. I'm so happy about it.

2. So since May is masturbation month I thought I'd share one of my recent masturbation fantasties. And oh yes it got me very hot! So Tom Cruise is led away from a party with a reasonably trim leather Bear (bears are gay men who are hairy & thick) wearing one of those leather things that cross at the chest with a middle circle in the middle. Tom & the bald headed yet bearded bear found a quiet & simply furnished bedroom. The leather bear thakes off his pants & Toms as well. Then he puts his wee wee slowly into Toms ass. He goes into Toms quivering bunghole gently putting his hoobie shoobie all the way into Tom. Then the bear begins to slide his you know in & out of Toms but in fast deep thrusts, filling Tom with excitement & surrender. This action goes on for a while until Tom grabs ahold of his hoodilie doodlie furiously yanks it at the same pace as the bears thrusts. Then they come & so do I. The end!

Peace out!

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