Thursday, May 04, 2006

Umm.... like.... WOW!

So I've been having anxiety about home hunting. I loathe moving & being quasi homeless. It's again another round of big changes ahead. I'm grateful & a bit in fear & prayin' my ass off. But I'm powerless & know that I'll be alright & that my job is to find a comfortable place for my cat & I that is affordable & trimet easy.
So June may be stressful. God help me remember to breathe. I also can start dating in June & that brings another kind of feeling. Excitement & terror. But then I remember it's one day at a time. There is no sense is being afriad of what may come. My hope & goal is simply to have integrity, be loving, honest and tender in my interactions with ALL my loved ones.

Holy shit on a stick. Life seems to be movin' right along these days. Seems like today was a mini soberiety convention before noon. And too boot I wasn't even at a meeting! Got a call from someone at IWAAC asking me to be the PI/Publicity chair. Then I called my sponsor. Then one of my sponsees called me. Then I ran into someone from the rooms at a jewelery shop & upon leaving ran into another meetings dude. Then made a candle exchange for one of my sponsee's who getting (hetrosexually) wed. And called one of my sponsees for help with web tech stuff for IWAAC & finally bought a cute summer barbeque dress from my dear friend who recently celebrated a hell of a lot o' years sober. Man how cool! It's been a god-shot partaay! Anywho that's it from me. Peace out!

BTW: United 93 is very very very sad. Be prepared to cry your ass off!

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