Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hoobie Schnoobie

So this morning my roomie tells me mi gato is on the roof of the garage. So after taking a wiz & putting on my shoes, I grabbed a very tall ladder from the garage. After climbing up ther ladder Bebes didn't like me grabbing him by the neck to pull him closer, so I climbed another rung (I don't like being on ladders despite that 2 days a weeek I'm up & down them constantly) and grabbed my cat full body, put him upon my shoulder & got him down as he purred with joy. Geez I really LOVE my cat. He's my best friend, which may sound silly or pitiful even, but too darn bad. I love him more than any human & that's the truth!

So Diane Linn lost last night. I'm sad to say but I'm glad. Though I don't really believe it's because she helped homos to get married a couple years ago. But the mainstream media certainly portrayed it that way last night & I'm sure will continue to do so. Corporate media SUCKS!

This weekend I went to a restaurant called "Sweet Tomatoes" and it was awesome! The food was very flavorful. They have all these yummy salads & yummy mac-n-cheese & crazy yummy focaccia bread with asiago cheese. Plus the staff were friendly & attentive, one woman, a manager gave me a pack of cookies in honor of my 1st visit. And the best part... it's all you can eats & costed less than $10 bucks! I seriously want to go back soon.

Anyway I'm feeling a little sad lately. Not a lot, just when I walk around the neighborhood in which I currently live. I LOVE the neighborhood so much! It's my favorite neighborhood thus far & I'm sad to leave it. Beaumont is so cool & I even love the Safeway on 71st. It's just great over there. Though it's time to move, I know I'll get to visit the area as one of my favorite meetings is over there. So la tee da. Please if you pray, please put me & my cat in your prayers.
Peace out!

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