Sunday, May 21, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

So Saturday I was packing & getting ready for moving this Thursday. Needed to remove some hooks off the walls that my art had been on. I stood on my bed, & removed 2 hooks. As I stepped down onto the floor my index toe on my left foot caught on the rug. Sprained the hell out of it & today (Monday) I'm off the crutches. My wonderful friend Lindsey was a jewel of a friend & took me to urgent care, waited with me for several hours & fed me french toast the next morning.

Today I feel blue. A dull ache of melancholy. It WILL go away. The PMS does NOT help though! It's all I can do to just keep pulling forward at work today. I just want to go home & read & sleep & cry. I'm frustrated from not being packed, sad to move from the Cully neighborhood, emotional from my body pain and tired as hell. Don't get me wrong I'm so grateful. I have an amazing life. But just for today I feel shitty & just for today that's okay.

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