Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Slow Small Steps

It has been a day. Damn near had a panic attack while working. Had to call my manager to helps on the tills while I took a break to get myself together. Then I cried & cried & like magic my sponsee calls & helps me.

The nurse Saturday told me to take small slow steps & at this point I need to follow that advice for everything.

Which means I have to make some changes in my schedule in the weeks ahead & there is fear that I may disappoint others. Fear is a bitch named Co-dependancy. So it's all about self care right now. My foot & leg is in constant pain, my cat is constipated & I can't afford the vet right now. I'm so broke I can't afford vitamins & I feeking moving.

But my friends & loved ones surround me, God is right here & today I'm calling on the angels to walk with me. Amen!

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