Sunday, June 25, 2006


The latest album from Keane is so very good. Now some may think they are whiney white boys, which is most likely true, but they do it so well. The first song on "Under The Iron Sea" gives no doubt it's the same band we know & love. Songs 1 (Atlantic), 3 (Is it Any Wonder), 5 (A Bad Dream) & 9 (Crystal Ball) are espically beautiful. My least favorite song is the Hamburg song. It's not totally offensive but the music is not strong enough to deal with the lyrics. The frontman in this band has always been the piano, which makes my soul soar. Good shit dudes!

Thursday I finished the book "Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic" by Alison Bechdel. She's famous for her cartoon "Dykes to Watch Out For" or DTWOF. This graphic novel is about Alison's childhood with her intellectual but very dysfunctional family. It's powerful without being too mushy or depressing. Her parallels between her very in the closet father, her coming out & Fitzgerald & other literature are quite compelling.

Personal update
PMS is making me tired. I ate wheat for like a week & a half straight. Feeling a bit lost lately. But Me thinks it's due to not being in my own home, PMS, Sober date identification & my wonderful friends newly discovered MS. Not that her MS personally effects me, I just ya know, hate to see her in any pain! Plus it's hotter than Jabba the Hut's butt crack outside. Anyway I just need an attitude adjustment & a quiet night of reading. That's it. Peace out!

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Lindsey said...

OK, reason #642 that I love you, Fran:
Hotter than Jabba the Hut's butt crack.

HAHAHAHAH! I may be gimpy, but I still appreciate a good simile. :) Sorry you're feeling a bit lost but I appreciate your support and love! I'm here for you too. Enjoy your downtime this evening!!