Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Last night was Lily & my first night alone without here mama. She went to bed on Sarah's (my homie aka housemate) bed. Then around 5am I heard Lil whimper, so I put her on the floor to see if she needed to pee or something. No she was lonely & jumped on my bed & we slept until 8:30am! So after feeding her & leaving for the day I didn't get home until about 8:30pm thinking for sure Lil had to to peepee really bad. But alas she was simply glad to see me & hungry. After eating dinner (which she stayed on the carpet for until I said "go") she did her duty in the yard. Then the madness. She barked at me a bit, wanted me to chase her & tried to nip at my feet a bit. Clearly she is missing her mama. Once I managed to convice her to come upon the couch she calmed down & has been chill since. Right now as I type this she has had her dingo doggie treat & is laying under the chair I'm sitting on. Tomorrow I'll be home around 5pm & will take her for a nice walk.

So I got my assingments for the MS 150. Looks like I'll be the sole person running the raffle/auction. That's cool & I'll help with registration & the finish line handing out medals. What's funny is my pal with MS is moving that weekend & I won't be able to helr her because I'll be at the MS 150 helping support the supporters. Anyway all is good. Craving chili cheese dogs lately. So naughty! Looking forward to some down time & time to connect to HP in deeper ways! That's it. Peace out

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Zee said...

No worries about not actually helping me move, you can just come over before moving day and help paint!! :)

Good to see ya yesterday, FoFo. You're a remarkable woman and I appreciate all your support and love!

You and Miss Lily will get into a little routine soon, I'm sure!