Monday, July 31, 2006

100 Things

So my pal Lindsey has a list of a hundred things about herself on her webbie & now that I'm home & have some time to think & write I thought oh heck "why not do my own." So here we go.

1. I was born in Mountain View, CA at 11:03am
2. Have traveled to New York, New Mexico, San Fransicso, Las Vegas, Chicago, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, N. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, San Antonio Texas, Bellingham & Seattle Washington.
3. Have never been out of the country
4. Have a passport & plan on using it in the future.
5. Lived in Minneapolis, MN from the age of 4 to 21.
6. Most of my family still lives there.
7. Had my first kiss really horrible kiss at 14.
8. Had my first good kiss at 16.
9. Had my first boyfriend at 14.
10. Had first girlfriend at 17.
11. Have a cat named Bebes.
12. When I eat cooked onions I get gas really bad.
13. I have no siblings
14. Yes I was lonely as I lived in a neighborhood with no other kids.
15. My birth day is December 11th, 1974
16. I'm in recovery
17. 2 different anonymous programs
18. Love to vacuum
19. Hate to clean the bathroom
20. I like technology
21. I don't like people talking on cell phones when driving
22. Am a pretty good writer
23. Seem to be afriad to let go & just write
24. Really like knitting
25. Not that good at knitting though
26. I like to make silly faces at myself in the mirror at night sometimes
27. My cat and I have a song. It's El Farol by Carlos Santana
28. Growing up it just my mom & I
29. My best friend & I lived 2 blocks from each other from 14 to 18
30. She's a looker & no I've never been hot for her.
31. I love diet pepsi.
32. Meryl Streep is my favorite actress
33. Halle Berry is the only celebrity who I'll watch just because she's hot
34. I came out when I was 16
35. I identify as bisexual by birth & lesbian by preference, not choice
36. Gender wise I am high femme and do consider myself gender queer
37. I like animals better than people often times
38. My longest job I still work at. In September '06 it will be 6 years
39. I got my GED
40. My favorite book thus far is The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
41. I charge $50 for answering the question "what are you?"
42. I like being racially ambiguous
43. Love is my higher power & religion
44. My favorite movie thus far is Gandhi
45. I only wear Levi's when it comes to jeans
46. Enjoy cooking, especially vegetarian & vegan cooking
47. Once in a while I like going to steakhouses & ordering a nice cut of beef
48. I love jewelry but will not buy or accept jewels that were gotten by slave labor
49. Sometimes without thinking I break into an English accent
50. I love English accents
51. Love the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. Colin Firth is beastly hot in it
52. Went to 1st protest at 14. It was for the U.S. out of El Salvador. My mom brought my pal Alexis & I & when the cops told folks to clear the streets, my mom grabbed us & had us march in the streets
53. I'm politically active & fight for equality
54. My best friend in Portland is Lindsey
55. Her dog Rennie is my canine niece
56. My favorite food is Pizza
57. Favorite dessert is creme brulee or fruit tarts
58. I would like to be in a long term healthy, growing, spiritual romance at some point
59. Hate canned veggies
60. Once ate chicken from a can
61. My favorite male singer is Rufus Wainwright. Favorite female, Sarah McLachlan
62. Have met Sarah McLachlan, Daryl Hannah, Harry Belafonte, Gwen Stefani, The band Soul Coughing, Art Alexakis, Kate Clinton & Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer, Rt.
63. My belly button is pierced with white gold & magenta opals
64. Two tattoos. A butterfly on lower belly & my symbol on the back of my neck
65. Want more tattoos
66. Have had 16 piercings over the years. Now only use about 3 of the holes
67. I have a weakness for bedroom eyes & short hair on somewhat more butch women
68. Love well groomed eyebrows on everyone
69. Voices are pretty important too
70. I think that guy who played Zack on Saved by the Bell is totally hot
71. Love dancing to reggae & happy hip hop
72. I have 5 planets in Sagittarius, my Moon in Scorpio & Rising in Aquarius
73. Love & have been practicing astrology since I was 10
74. Have known I loved women since I was four when I had a crush on Daisy Duke
75. Wanted to be a lesbian when I grew up because I thought all lesbians were princesses
76. Favorite radio station is KINK
77. Hate Tom Waits, love Neil Young
78. Best dance songs of all time: More, More, More by Andrea True Connection & It Takes Two by Rob Base
79. I'm not into this whole pirate trend
80. I love to sing but am shy about singing infront of others
81. I love the Edwardian era
82. I don't eat fast food except for Burgerville
83. Spinach is yummy
84. My first job was babysitting under the table. My first taxed job was a camp counselor
85. Once I did not pay my taxes for 3 years. In the end I was owed money
86. In the summers when I was a kid I lived on a busy street called Lake St. Would put on my roller skates & do roller shows for the cars going by
87. I don't shave anything, but I do trim
89. Have dated as many wonderful people as idiots
90. Am judgemental & trying to get over that
91. Have a multitude of medical issues
92. Make really good fried rice
93. I love Spanish food
94. Studied Russian for 3 years, French for 2 & Spanish for 1 year
95. Have the brownest ear wax you've ever seen
96. Believe our society is schizophrenic about sex & sexuality & I hope to tear that shit apart
97. I'm a bit of a libertarian. Please don't hate me for it
98. Not sure if I want kids but know I'd be a great mom
99. Love nature
100. Everyday I pray

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