Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some Fawkin' Answers!

Wow! My mind has a bit more peace than it did this morning. Saw a chiropractic orthopedist today who manhandled me in the most platonic way. And though my body feels all tired & weird I so glad I saw him. There are all kinds of things wrong with my body. And the answers to many of the aches & pains that have been in various areas of my body. Who knew the hips & stomach muscles connected to the TMJ & my big toe. Not one doctor has been able to tell me why or really help. Can it be I have found one who not only can help with the pain high heels!!!!!! I swear I'd believe in Jesus, Allah, Moses & who he fuck else to get to wear heels without suffering.

Tuesday I got fitted for this big long plastic brace. Yesterday another doc said that brace won't be enough. And today I was told that the brace won't help at all in the long run. Today this doc shook his head & couldn't understand why no one could figure out what is wrong. Bloody hell. Now here's a question: if my ankle & leg get better, will I finally go? Go where? Well that's my biz. But perhaps I need to think a lot more about doing what I'm meant to do in this life. We'll see!

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