Sunday, July 16, 2006

Box Lunch!

Today I purchased a book called "Box Lunch" by the editor of On Our Backs, Diana Cage. Yes, that's right it's a book about eating pussy. Now you may ask "oh Franny, why would you need such a book? I hear you're a pussy master!" And yes folks this is true (ha!) but quite frankly I've come to realize in my sexual travels that I have treasured other womens love palaces far more than my own. Now that I'm on this magickal road of full on healing, it has become most important to start really loving my own body. Why this has been so hard can be explained, however for the sake of those of you who are already feeling overwhelmed with all this honesty, I won't get into my past.

Just for today my soberiety includes loving self touch, loving connection to myself & getting over what ever shame exists in relation to my hoobie schnoobie. Did you know that besides the clitoris having 8,000 nerve endings (more than any part of the body, including the penis, which has about 4,000 nerve endings) the clitoris is far more than the little button above our vaginal opening. The clit extendsto the hood, hymen, pelvic floor muscles & beneath the perineum & sphincter. The clitoris is expansive & powerful. Is it any coincedience than when women are menstruating we get horney? No because it's all connected. Amazing! And I have not made a loving & lasting friendship with the very life of my sex life. So since this is my time, my body & my chance to build a stronger foundation for my soberiety, it's high time I go for it. So this book Box Lunch has a bunch of info on the female anatomy & masturbation. So there you go. Plus I figure when it's time to meet that special lady, I'll have even more skills! And that's a good thing. Ya sure ya betcha!
Peace! And heck... Love to your pussies!