Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Horror

I have without a doubt seen Lily's "other" side. When I got home I let her out side in the back yard & she lounged in the sunlight for a while, whilst I finished the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowery. I heard her barking & saw from the couch she was in the bushes barking at something which she often does & never lasts too long. Well I noticed upon finishing the book (which is awesome by the way & I think every adult should read it even though it's aimed at a preteen audience) that miss Lil was still barking her ass off. I went to take a look & called & called to her & saw that she was carrying some kind of rat/shrew type animal thing in her mouth. I stood there horrified as she whapped at it with her front paws like a cat. "Lily" I cried & she picked up the wounded thing in her mouth & ran into the bushes. Freaked as much that the animal was diseased as I was Lily was hurting it, I ran inside to get a broom & ran back out to seperate the two creatures. After several minutes & some outsmarting, I was able to get the animal away from Lil & Lil inside the house. She is here right now whining because she wants to chew on that thing some more, I just know it!

I called the vet & they said as long as Lily's had all her shots she should be fine. And if I wanted I could collect the animal so they could examine it & put it out of its misery. When I went back out the animal was gone. It was the size of a rat but with more soft fur & a long pronounced nose. Poor thing! Anyway I guess Daschunds are a breed that was raised to hunt & Lily was just doing her job. But it was an ugly sight & I feel a little sad. Lily & Bebes are stuck inside for a while no matter how much they complain.

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Sara said...

I grew up with daschunds and they just love to dig into holes & find lil mole type animals to "play" with.

They were bred for getting animals out of their burrows & apparently Lil is good at it :)

Hopefully she won't find anymore!