Saturday, July 22, 2006

Heat & Tears

Geez I didn't think this heat was getting to me until I broke down in tears at 1am last night. "The heat breaks you down" a friend said this morning. Tis True! It seems all the things I was due to cry over are spilling out & of course is PMS season, so ya know what that means. Sensitive moi, little addict/alkie that I am wants the whole world to play nice & that isn't always the case. I didn't even know about St. Louis until I spoke with my ma this morning. Bush is such a fucking dunce & our media truly saddens me as it seems if the town has a lot of black folks any diaster is just not that big of a deal. And don't get me started on whats going on in Lebanon. Fuck!

Anyway a happier post later.
Peace out!

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