Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cheese Popcorn

Smartfood. I frawking love that white cheddar, air popped corn. It tastes so crazy good! But it smells like feet. Not mah feet per se, but feet all the same. Infact the animals were hanging out in my room & I thought one of them had stepped in some ka ka boo. Nope just the popped chesse corn. Anyway...

I think I'm getting a new al-anon sponsor. We meet tomorrow in the afternoon to see if we match & stuff. I'm really ready to do the 12 steps in al-anon. Yippee!

And this Saturday I get to go on a picnic with my friend Mary. It's going to be a nice day & I'm thinking I'll feed us chesse. I mean cheese & something. Just can't figure out the something.

Next weekend I'm going camping with my roomie & her friends & their son. Gawd I need to get the hell out of town! Well that's the update. Tired but very happy!

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