Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Man do I have a Tight Ass!

No seriously. My buttocks are crazy! My deep tissue massage consisted of the usual but also my gluts. And now my ass cheecks hurt. Ahh well! At least I got the green light to take walks. That means this weekend I can walk around & enjoy the nature around me. Yay ya yay!

Don't know why but this who thing with the death of Steve Irwin makes me sad. Seems like he embodied that idea of immortality as a reward/consequence for raking the risks others could never even dream of. Oh shit y'all, some day you will die. And I will too. FuckenA.

Despite being under the weather this week/end I'm happy to report all is well & life has taken on an even more vibrant hue. More details later, but for now, I must go feed my belly.

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