Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Brief E-Mail to PBS

Melanie Martinez. If you don't know what the hub bub is about please click on the link to this post title to understand why I wrote the following.

PBS to me has always repesented a mindset that was different & even above mainstream TV. But with the firing of Melanie Martinez over what can only be deemed, as an overblown reaction to her 7 year old sexy satire, I'm beginning to fear PBS is or soon will be, no longer a place for openminded intelligence. Please rethink this decision to represent the corporate mind. Please remember it is the public you are serving, not just the morals of the willingly uninformed. Thank you.

Write letters y'all. Send loving freedom out of your heart & into the corporate mind. Don't tell me it won't work because it does!
~Madam Fofo

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