Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gas & Chocolate Condoms

I'm having the worst smelling ass gas! I know it's not polite to air my dirty undies, but my god. My stomach has felt kinda queasy since late this morning. I think it's because I had broccoli at 2 different meals yesterday. Anyway now that I've passed some of this gas my tummy feels better. Sexy! The chiropractor adjusted some stuff today including some range of motion stuff in my hips. Now all I need is that special someone to help me use all the this range of motion! Tee hee! Anyway speaking of that I went to the STD clinic today & got the works tested. Am happy to know that I am in the low risk catagory, which once upon a time when I was a lush, was not the case so much. I have not been a slut lately. How cool! Though let me make it clear, sluttly is good, as long as it's safe. So I took some condoms & dental dams & I have no idea why I needed to have a chocolate flavored condom but heck, I know someone out there can use it! Well thats my weird pot for the day. Hope you enjoyed it!

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