Thursday, October 19, 2006

Go Digging for Razor Clams/Fran's Incomplete Oregon Voting Guide

That's right you can go to the Oregon beaches & dig for Razor clams again! See Shelia's post on KINK for more.

It's Thursday already & my brain has been in a fog this week. I got the flu & a sinus infection at the same time. Soooo not cool. The sinus thing still has me sounding like a drag queen with a cold, but quite frankly anything that makes me feel more like a drag queen makes me happy.

So here's my unofficial voting guide from 1 of 2 Voters Pamphlet State Measures

Measure 39: NO
Measure 40: NO
Measure 41: NO
Measure 42: ?
Measure 43: NO
Measure 44: Yes
Measure 45, 46, 47 & 48 I'm still researching along with 42.

Two sources that I'm checking out besides the voters pamphlets are the Oregon Votes website that is linked to the AFL-CIO Oregon website & also believe it or not the Libertarian Party of Oregon website. Of which my voting this round seems to be opposite of their positions but sometimes that's the way it goes.

Off to work & life. Peace out y'all!

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