Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Cornucopia of Info. Voting, Bushwhack & Recommendations

Voting, Bushwhack & Recommendations
Well if you don't know today is voting day or here in the other P-Town the last day you can turn in your ballot. Were mail in here in Oregon, in case ya didn't know. Anyway it sounds like this election is turning ugly with reports of fraud in Wyoming, A hard line abortion measure in South Dakota & banning marriage equality in Wisconsin. And of course everyone is wondering if the House & Senate will go democrat & remain on the bitter clutches of the GOP. I'm just glad that this year I really focused on the measures & did not vote without serious consideration of each issue. Many do not study up on measures and candidates before casting the ballot & I'm not sure that isn't just as dangerous as not voting at all. Coming from peoples who had to fight, bleed & die to be able to vote, I take it seriously as a citizen & a human. Here's a great quote I read today.

"The right to vote is perhaps the most important aspect of American democracy," said U.S. Attorney Debra Wong Yang

Voting, Bushwhack & Recommendations
Well I didn't know this until I came across it on Crallspace.
Bushwhack has signed martial law into effect, if "needed." However knowing how trigger happy that beast of a man is I could see us easily turning into a police country at the slightest perceived provocation. Da Prez actually said that if democrats win the congress that terrorists will win. Holy crap you did you believe you just read that, cuz I can hardly believe I just typed it. While I still have the right to free speech I'll say it: I hate Bush. I hate him like I hate everything that is corrupt & distorts beauty. Though I'll be the first to say he's not the problem, it's a faulty government system that's our problem, I still just hate him. Oh dear Goddess grant me the serenity...

Voting, Bushwhack, Recommendations
Okay here are some things I recommend for your fall enjoyment.

Okay seriously Borat was fawking hilarious. I laughed 90% of the time if not more. It's been a while since I've laughed until my belly hurt. Mary & I think a good way to describe it is that's a mix between Jackass, Best in Show & Team America. See it I swear you'll love it!

The Departed was wonderful. Leo & Matt were convincing & there was just enough action & psychological drama to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Bassbossa has done this wonderful remake of Chris Isaac's song Wicked Game. You can listen to part of the son by going to their myspace web page. http://www.myspace.com/bassboosa

Thanks to Miz Mary I have the latest Basement Jaxx album. Their latest album is Crazy Itch Radio. It's electro/house done with some funky energy. Highly suggested to keep you from getting the Winter blues.

And I have fallen in love. With Ray LaMontagne. What a talent. He's soulful with a smokey varied voice. I cried a little listening to his AT&T Blue Room concert. Check his website out at http://www.raylamontagne.com/ To here even more of his songs go to his myspace page by clicking here. He'll be in Portland on the 14th at the Roseland. I don't know how the hell I'm going to find the money to go, but I'm going!

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris rocks. The Keep by Jennifer Egan is a good pick. Dragonslippers by Rosalind Penfold is a graphic novel about an abusive relationship she survived. Powerful book! The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni was a tender & beautiful story. So ya know, fight prime time and read a book.

So ya know if you don't want fight prime time here are my favorite shows. These are in fact the only shows I watch except for (god help me) Dancing with the Stars. I love Heros on Monday nights. And on must-see-TV Thursdays My Name is Earl & The office get guffaws from me every week. And you know that Deal or No Deal show is pretty riveting while I'm knitting.

Well my blog has changed it;s look. I wish it could be more fun & fancy but I'm poor & still figuring out html. Anyway peace to all on this election day!

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