Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yay to the Demos. Yay to the New Look of my Blog. Boo hoo to my Girlfriend Leaving for 3 Damn Weeks.

It appears that control of the Senate is dependent on Virginia. Other than that the democrats stood pretty strong in the elections. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Kulongoski, I'm glad he won to Saxton or as I liked to call him, Ron the robot. Measures 41 & 43 bounced, thank goodness. Measure 45 lost which is fine. I can't believe measure 39 passed so overwhelmingly. I believe if folks had thoroughly read their voter pamphlets they might have changed their minds. Ahh well. 40 & 42 bit the dust and measures 46 died while 47 passed which is funny because they kinda went together. Needless to say watching the elections was really more like watching a sports competition. Thank goodness Dancing with the Stars was on.

Well as those you you who have been reading my blog can see, I've changed it's look. And I'm so pleased! After looking through some of the 1,913 blogs that are participating in NaBloPoMo I saw that many folks had the same template as me. This was only the final straw as I have always liked the more stark clean looks of others blogs and saw that the gal who' blog is Pink Elephants complained recently about how so many blogs looked alike. And my good pal Zee is working on her blog look as well & so I just finally did it. I love blue & orange and so those are the focus colors as you can see. My blog feels like me now. And I like how I get to futz around with the colors of my google ads, which now advertise things I'm actually okay with like gay stuff & recovery stuff. There was an ad for Ann Coulter (she-devil) so ya know, whatever.

So if you didn't know the randomizer for NaBloPoMo was done quite kindly by Lane at Pink Elephants. And now there is a button to click on to begin your blog reading adventure. And here it is: The button is going into my sidebar so have fun & check our the whopping nearly 2,000 blogs to enjoy or dislike. I hope mine is not one folks dislike. But if so then ya know...go suck it! Just Kidding!

A few hours ago Mary took off for her three week adventure in anywhere but Paris. She has a new travel blog called Over the Rolling Seas. Check her adventures out at She'll most likely change the template of her travel blog but not until she gets back of course. Right now she's in a car with her pals on the way to Seattle. She won't get into Rome until tomorrow late in the day. I just hope she has fun. I'll miss her, but since I'm house sitting her cat & such, her spirit will be all around me.


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