Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Great Way to Start My Day

This morning I damn near had to force myself to meditate. It's as though one part of my brain knows that if I meditate for even 2 minutes I feel better. The other part just whines and bleats "I don't wanna!" It's as though there is a very real & stubborn part of me that just doesn't want me to be serene. Like the calm that meditation provides is so unfamiliar I can hardly stand it. Thank Goddess it's a practice. That there are no real rules & the point in the end is... calm. So here's what my little meditation was like.

  • Sit on the floor with my back straight, legs crossed over each other, hands on knees.
  • Close eyes and simply relax, noticing where my breath is at.
  • Start taking slightly bigger breaths.
  • Then take big lung filling breaths, focusing only on my breath.
  • When my mind wanders gently (meaning I don't tell myself I'm an idiot for losing focus after like 30 seconds) returning focus to my breath.
  • When it feels right breath in deeply and slowly holding for 5 seconds, then exhaling slowly and pausing for 5 seconds.
  • And again bring attention back to breath. Remembering this is only a practice, that I don't need to do it perfectly.
  • When it feel right end by bringing my hands together to my chest and bowing to the Spirit inside saying "namaste."
  • Raising arms above head stretching them wide like the letter y from the song "YMCA" and praying for Spirit, the Goddess, Jesus or whatever to fill me with grace and love.
  • Return hands to chest and bowing to the Spirit all around in gratitude for guidance saying again "namaste."

Every time I do this I feel less anxious. More calm. I just flow better. And due to my asthma my lungs feel nice and open. I had a naturopath say grief is stored in the lungs. So I figure meditation helps medically in physical & mental ways. Can't beat that!

Also I'm PMSing & emotional from being without Mary. She's doing great by the way. But I realize meditating can help calm the anxiety of hormones & annoyance. And for that I am grateful! Peace!

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