Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm Blogging After Midnight?!?!

I can't believe it's after midnight & I'm on the computer. Please forgive my very ghetto banner for my blog. I'm teaching myself photoshop, which quite frankly confuses me. My gf's computer has photoshop Premier & I'm having trouble getting as jiggy with it as I'd like. Needless to say NaBloPoMo has inspired me to do much more with this blog. However all my attempts at making it beautiful will be crude at best until I have more experience or take a class or two.

Grumpiness is fading but not gone. Seems that my girlfriend being gone is having a greater effect on me than anticipated. I feel basically annoyed that's she's not here. And annoyed I'm not getting so much of her attention as I'm now used to. Strange reaction I know. I wish I could snap my fingers & make the feeling stop. My goal for the next 3 weeks is for just remember myself & my wonderful life with or without her. I need to go to bed. Or play more FreeCell. God help me!

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