Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween with Amy

Last night I saw Amy Sedaris live & in person. She was at Powells Books chatting up her new book "I Like You." The event was scheduled to start at 7:30pm. By 5:45pm the 300 capacity room was standing room only & by 6:15pm completely full. My pal Lindsey & my hot babe of a girlfriend Mary hung out with me as the crowd waited for Miss Amy.

She did not disappoint. Amy showed the group how to make an eye burrito. Maryanne a.k.a. Johhny Mozzarella was Amy's overly hammed up assistant who Amy lovingly referred to as "ching chong." After the burrito Amy answered questions from the audience for about a half an hour. My 2 girls & I took off after the Q&A, but I guess Amy stayed for 2 more hours signing books & receiving gifts from her delighted fans.

Now you may wonder if I asked a question of Amy Sedaris. Yep. You bet. I raised my hand & after waiting through 2 other questions from folks she finally looked over, pointed at me and said "yes the negro in the back." Believe it or not I didn't hear this. Which was funny considering my question was this: Are you a racist or just not PC?" Mary said it was the one question Amy actually seemed to think over. She hemmed & hawed for a moment & said she didn't think she was racist, more just not PC (politically correct). Then she said "I dunno, I'll have to get back to you on that one." And that folks was my Amy Sedaris moment. Now here are the pics. Enjoy!

Me ready to see Amy

Mary & I chillin'

And of course Miss Amy

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