Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Day Off I Say

Now that I'm doing this NaBloPoMo I wake up & immediately think "oh god, must blog!" Since today is my day off I'm able to write on this a bit earlier than usual. Anyway thus far I my tasks have been solely computer related. Sent some e-mails, organized info. You know what I mean. Anyway I came across a website that makes Official Seals. So here's my Thursday Seal as I feel Thursdays are lucky. Click on the seal to go to the Says It website to make your own wacky seals, church signs & other stuff.

Now for more weirdness here's a pic of me from last winter.
Hot huh?

Why on earth am I posting a pic of myself from last year? When you can answer this let me know! So my girlfriend is wanting me to watch some silly pirate movie today because she wants to "play pirate" in bed after watching this film. Not sure how I feel about a musical pirate movie as I'm not a fan of musical films with the exception of The King & I. And I don't know how this whole pirate thing got so cool, but I could give a rip about pirates. Ahh well. What my girl wants, she gets. Well on that note I'm off to spend some time with her & her cat Snuffy. By the way my latest Website of the Month (WOTM) is It's really great. Please give it a visit. I know all my well meaning liberal white friends would agree it's racially delicious! Peace y'all!

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