Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'd Like to See NaBloHoMo

Seriously. Wouldn't it be great to participate in a month long blogging event by & for queers? As soon as I can figure out how to umm... make a darn website I'm going to try & produce such an event. Unless someone else does it first. Anyway...

So today I celebrated one year sober/clean. Actually celebrated is far too strong of a word. I'll say I acknowledged my one year clean. The truth is sobriety feels more like one day at a time then ever. Because it is really just about today. So there's no real excitement over today like past anniversaries. Everyday feels more precious and exciting then I can even begin to explain. I'm free from the bondage of an abusive relationship that led me to using vicodin to cope basically. There's way more background to it which I've mentioned in past posts. Being free of that drama and unhappiness has been the greatest gift. Thank you Goddess for giving me freedom!

I guess I just don't have too much more to say tonight. As Anita Loos once said "Fate keeps on happening." Goodnight y'all!

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