Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More than the N Word

What it seems folks aren't getting about this whole thing with Michael Richards is that there is so much more to be upset about than just saying nigger. It's the white privilege and white supremacy that emerges when some white people get angry with people of color. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this. A white person gets upset with a person of color for whatever reason and the racial slurs come flying. You never would have seen Mr. Richards say horrid things regarding race to other white men. He never would have brought up historical atrocities perpetrated by other races upon the white mens ancestors.

Saying the N word isn't nearly as offensive as saying how back in the day black people used to be hung. And in such a statement alluding that they should be hung because these men "interrupted a white man." Can we say entitlement? Instead of apologizing for saying "bad" things he needs to think about what is going on in his mind about people of color. Because a racist tirade doesn't just come out of nowhere. A person has to have those feelings inside them in the first place. He does not say "I'm clearly dealing with racist/white supremacist ideology and that needs to change." He simply says I'm sorry I should not have said (in public?) such things.

If more white people were willing to look at their racism instead of denying it with excuses about their black friends and liking rap, maybe our society could finally move on. Telling folks of color to "get over it" is NOT the answer when whites are completely addicted to viewing things in terms of race. Don't believe me? Look at the origins of how this country "began." Look at who was brought here to build other peoples wealth. Look who tried to stop certain folks from being able to vote. People of color wouldn't have to "make an issue" out of race if it hadn't built this country to what it is now. I'm sick of excuses. People need to begin to tell the truth to themselves and look into their hearts and examine their prejudice. Without doing that, not much will change. At least Mr. Richards said he needed to do work on a personal level. Let's hope he and everyone else can!

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