Sunday, November 05, 2006

Apathy. 20/20. My Little Penguin

My gf & I were talking this morning about gay rights & the overwhelming apathy we see in the queer "community" in terms of fighting for equal rights. We talked about how queers these days seem to care more about being & acting just like nuclear heterosexuals than the right to be who you are. Not that being a middle class suburban heterosexual is a bad thing. I'm sure the folks living that way like it just fine. Although with the divorce rates, abuse & broken families among those folks, maybe they don't like it all that much. Either way the passion for equality, not to become like the mainstream, but to live a full, happy and free life no matter what your "lifestyle", seems to be gone. Act-up & other groups died along with AIDS being an acute epidemic among our gay brothers. And with the death came apathy. Now we pledge allegiance to our paychecks & those who issue them instead of working to end suffering and discrimination.

It's not just among queers though. It's our American society. We're in the midst of a mindless and cruelly pointless war. Yes there are some who march every week on Fridays at Pioneer Square. Yes when a call to rally comes many of of follow. But as a whole we say & do nothing while we let others get rich off writing books about how much the war and Bush suck. We let Michael Moore make speeches while he collects awards & we nod our heads while we eat TV dinners. And today I don't have an answer on how to change it. I just know our American addiction to the mighty concept of more has finally reached into the heart of the queer movement & day by day, smashed it to digestible little pieces.

Speaking of our crappy American way, Friday night my roomie & I watched a 20/20 special on Privilege. One of the topics was about privilage in the courtrooms. We all know how if your poor & black, you don't get a fair chance. This story really showed a clear example of this. Really powerful!

And finally, something light. I've adopted a little penguin named farty. Click on him a bunch of times & he'll do a trick for you.

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