Saturday, November 04, 2006


Every time I think I have to show my ass to my sponsor, she always comes back putting a pair of pretty bloomers on it. Obviously this is not literal. You see last night I had quite a shock that led to a very deep realization: I have a lot of trouble managing my money. No matter how much money I make I always end up broke. And most frustrating is that I don't even have credit card debt. I know myself well enough that credit cards in my hands would be very dangerous. What there is plenty of are medical bills. And for some reason I just can't get ahead. That some reason is I can't manage my money. Year after year, month after month I struggle. And last night my brain finally got it. There is no way I can do this by myself anymore. And last night after tears & a little self pity, the god-shot I needed came. Someone offered to take me to a 12 step meeting for folks with financial issues.

So this morning when I told Liz about my money stuff & how unmanageable it is, she told me she's proud of me. That finances are hard for many and getting to a point of surrender is huge. She said I'm showing how dedicated I am to recovery by being willing to hit yet another bottom. Though my bank account is a mess, my spirit is strong. I'm so grateful for the many blessings this little life of mine has in it.

So in yesterdays post I wrote about my wonderful cat Bebes. But provided one link to show what he looks like. So now without further ado, my son, my love...Bebes.


Sara said...

Oh that lil kitty is too cute & to be honest I'm not a huge cat fan, but he is adorable!!

Sara said...

oh, forgot to mention, A Beginners Guide To Changing the World by Isabel Losada is one of my fav books as well!!