Friday, November 24, 2006

This is My Post Turkey Day Title

Yesterday I had a most perfect day off. I volunterred for a couple hours and then saw Casino Royale. I hate to admit this but Daniel Craig was a most excellent Bond. Very manly but also the most tender Bond I've seen. And his co-star Eva Green as Vesper has very pretty eyes. A fun film all around.

So my sweetie gets back Monday not Wednesday & I'm happy about that. Hopefully you regular readers aren't completly sick of me whining about how I miss her. If you are, your reign of terror ends after this weekend. Then you'll get to read me bitch about how busy my life is.

So NaBloPoMo has been quite an adventure. I've discovered some great blogs and ideas and sights. Inspiring is the word as the more blogs I perused the more changes I made to my own. One thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of the NaBloPoMo participants who are white. Maybe I'll organize a POC one or GLBT one or something. Another thing that bothers me is that the Fussy blog header looks a lot like a lynching scene. I left her a comment on it today but it kinda freaks me out & I'm not sure if I'm overreacting. Will y'all weigh in on this. Here we go. And I may get sued for having these pics on my blog & if so I'll take them down cuz I'm poor and can't afford an attorney.

Okay this is the header from Fussy. Now here are a couple of lynching pics.

What the hell?!?!
Please visit the website Without Sanctuary. It's very powerful and reminds us that Michael Richards comments about the good ol' days of hanging blacks is only so far away and very ugly indeed.

That's it from me. Tomorrow is the Decades Vintage bash celebrating 10 years of great vintage and benefiting Alzheimers Association of Oregon.

Here's the invite:
See you there!

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Zee said...

Re: the Fussy thing, I gotta say I'm not sure I see it. To me, the Fussy header just looks like a group of folks sitting around watching a movie. I agree it's not that great as a header, but I don't see it as reminiscent of a lynching scene.

I'm admittedly oblivious about a lot of things, however, so take this the grain of salt that it is...