Friday, November 10, 2006

Veteran's Day. Do I Really Care?

This morning I was thinking about veteran's day. It occured to me that with the exception of WWII when we we're trying to get the Nazi's out of power, that I disagree with the politics behind the participation of the US in any of the wars we've been in. So how can I honor the vets when their job was to go kill (usually brown skinned) people, not to defend our country but to show how big and powerful we are. If you're a soldier & you kill others, no matter what your president says is the reason, you're a murderer. Why would I want to honor murderers? It just seems wrong to say honor those who murders in Vietnam. Those who murder in Iraq. Those who murder in the name of defense when there is no defence needed. So I'm sorry but I do not honor Veteran's day. I don't not have anything nice to say about it. So with that I'll shut up about it.

Mark Morfords article today had me laughing & nodding in agreement. Read it here. I love him!

Here's my church sign generator of the month. Enjoy!

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