Thursday, November 09, 2006

Too Much Internet

Seriously I'm in shock. Yesterday after my girlfriend left I got on the computer at about 1pm & didn't even look up at the time until 5:41pm. I missed seeing my pal, but figured since I was already online I'd continue doing stuff. I finally got out to Fred Meyer to get some groceries because I had not eaten since 10am. Go back home & what do you know. More internet until Midnight. Granted I was working on my blog, figuring out html stuff & trying to come up with my own redolence buttons, but goodness.

This morning I felt a kind of emptiness from spending my entire day off on the computer. So I meditated & feel better. Since I promised myself I'd do NaBloPoMo that's what I'll do. But other than that I've learned a great lesson. One can have too much of a good thing.

Some things I'm observing from this NaBloPoMo experience is how critical other bloggers can be of other blogs. One person has gone so far as to calculate percentages of what she called "personal ramblings that I really couldn't find overall theme for." Another catagory was "I really wasn't sure what the blog was supposed to be about, I guess these could also be considered personal." Dude when & if this chick checks out my blog I hope she can just enjoy it or move on from it without having to make judgements. And as I noted yesterday the gal from pinkelephants had issues with seeing the same templates over & over. Even fussy's writing well is the best revenge line seems a bit off putting. My goal with this blog is that it is a journey. It's point is whatever you may find. For me I get to self teach myself aspects of html. Plus I get to see parts of myself & life & that which is important reflected out & then back again. Maybe I'm not writing well, don't have a fancy template or ramble about stuff with no overall theme, but that's what life is all about sometimes. And I'm okay with that.

Anyway here is another button I made. Enjoy!

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