Saturday, December 23, 2006


Well sorry for the delay with posting y'all. Tis the season for busy. So it looks like after the possibility of not making it to MPLS due to the Denver airport closing down is no longer a concern. All scheduled flights are flying starting today there & that means I'm going home through Denver after all. Whopee!

This morning I feel great! I got on my knees & prayed and could have stayed that way all day. It felt so good to be connected to something greater than myself. Then I meditated. It was funny cuz at first I was like "aww I don't have time and it's boring" and then I remembered that meditation is a yummy treat just for me. So I focused on my breathing & took any pressure off doing it perfectly (there is no such beast really) and just enjoyed that quiet space. Ahh. I'm just loving my life right now. Plus I got to work and our boss got the employees many boxes of fresh donuts. Life is good!

There have been some changes in my romance with Mary. We are indeed in each others lives and it seems the changes we've made are really bringing about growth for each of us. I'm not sure exactly what we are or aren't, but I'm feeling really grateful for her and for the life I've worked so hard to have on my own.

My housemate turned 35 yesterday and for xmas she gave me an electric blanket. I turned it on about 15 minutes before I got into bed so it would be all warm and oh-my-gosh! I was moaning and giggling like I had some hottie in my bed because it felt so friggin good in my warm bed. So nice. She gave me this great xmas card too that said I was the best housemate ever. What a blessing to be a good housemate & to have a great one. Geez I'm just so very lucky.

Gotta go work it! Peace!


Zee said...

You deserve, the best, m'dear! Enjoy your lovely life and THANKS for being the best friend ever! I hope you have a wonderful holiday at home with your family and safe travels to and fro...


Sara said...

I wish you speedy travels, unlike mine!!