Monday, December 18, 2006

Can't Think of a Clever Title

Sarah, my housemate decorated my sad little plant that I over-watered. It's as bad as that pitiful tree from the Charlie Brown xmas special. Anyway she gussied it up & put some presents near and now we have xmas in the living room. Yay. Sarah will trim back the branches of this ficus and hopefully it will thrive again. Yes folks, you can love something too much!

Here I am home sick. Was supposed to be at a Local 5 union training but I feel very tired & like there is thick cotton foam in my ears. My throat is swollen to the touch and the only thing I've got going for me in the moment is that the mascara I wore yesterday is still making my eyes pretty. I have acupuncture Wednesday and am taking lots of vitamins and sleeping like it's going out of style. Since I have no sick food (foods to eat when un-well like chicken soup, 7-up and such) I ate veggie corn dogs for breakfast and have made a huge ass pot of jasmine rice. I'll have some veggies as soon as I can force myself to the store.

Yesterday I had for the first time one of those Lindor truffle things with the crazy smooth center. My co-worker gave me one which is funny because Mary & I had just talked about them days before. Anyway my co-worker advised be not-to-bite but just suck. Well how can I pass up such directions on how to use my mouth? So I did as she said and I'll tell ya the outside is nothing to write home about. The inside however is amazingly smooth and cool to the tongue. It's heavenly indeed & made me start thinking of naughty ways to use those secret centers! So friends I say yum yum to the Lindor thingys. I can't wait to try the dark chocolate ones! Peace!


Sara said...

Head colds are not at all fun so I hope you are feeling better soon!

Sara said...

with pretty eyes who cares how your throat feels - LMAO!

for a laugh check out my post from today