Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back from my Posting Vacation

NaBloPoMo darn near kicked my butt. Although I actually posted 37 times in November. Yes kids, I rawk! Anyway here is what I got for posting 30 days in a row in November.

That's right! Nothing. Ah well. I may not have won a prize per se but discovered some lovely blogs and got a chance to emerse myself in what some call the blogsphere. And it motivated me to write. I mean really write again which I've needed to do. I even started another blog in November (which also needs an update this week!). It's a blog on sex from the perspective of an aware queer woman of color (moi). You can check it out here. It's quite explicit so be prepared. Anyway I need to run off to celebrate my friend's 25 years sober! Kewl! Oh and last but not least about NaBloPoMo...

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