Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coffee Makes Me Cranky/My B-Day

Okay it's official. Coffee makes me cranky. Not lattes, mocha's or soy chai pumpkin spice with extra foam lattes. Just plain ol' coffee with cream & sugar makes me a bit of a grump. I'm not proud of this. Even more annoying is how frickin' much a decent latte costs, but alas my affair with coffee is coming to its slow final end. Green tea I love yet there is one problem with it. Once it hits rooms temperature & I swallow it I get nausea. And have even barfed from room temp. tea. So I have to drink it quickly and hot. Which is fine I suppose. Ahh pool problems! I'll shut up not about my caffeine issues.

So my birfday is Monday. I'm really ready to be 32. Though it means I'm slowly creeping towards the land of 40, I'm happy to be moving away from the land of the 20's. This year I've decided to go mellow. No dinner parties, no gifts, no bullshit. All I wanted this year is some hot unadulterated sex with my girlfriend in a nice setting. So we're going to a lovely B&B in NW. I won't say where were going until we get back because I wanna make sure no one bugs me this weekend as I'll be busy but here is what Fodors said about the place:

"...A long flight of wooden stairs leads down from the driveway of this West Hills mansion. At the bottom is a tiny secluded orchard of pears, apple, and cherry trees. This is just one of the many hidden charms of ________, arguably the most accomplished B&B in the Rose City..."

Sounds good eh?

Saturday we go to the Portland Art Museum to see their Egypt exhibit. At some point well have Chinese food because it's good and after an hour your ready to start doing-it again. And Sunday night Mary & I get to go to Gospel Christmas. And that folks is how I'm sending my birfday. Sex, food and gospel. I think even Jesus would smile.

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Sara said...

I wish you a fantastic birthday weekend - the B&B sounds perfect. Enjoy & have fun!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!