Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Higher Love

Turned on the radio this morning and Steve Winwood's uplifting song "Higher Love" was on. What a way to start the day! These lines in particular move me:

I could light the night up with my soul on fire

I could make the sun shine from pure desire

Let me feel that love come over me

Let me feel how strong it could be

I love that! Anyway last night I was reading what is so far a great book titled Meditation Made Easy by Lorin Roche. I know I know. It's easy to scoff. Meditation be easy? I think that very mindset is what has kept me from recieving the wonderful benefits meditating provides. That's why I'm reading it! So I'd like to share some things I read and take y'all on this journey with me. My goal is to practice meditating everyday, even if it's only for 30 seconds. Because some is better than none and I realize what I thought I knew about meditation is faulty at best.

From the introduction:

Each of us is a yogi for half a second when we stop to smell the roses. It's all there in that moment of conscious, grateful breathing. When we cultivate our gratitude for breath, something good happens at a deep level. We make friends with life.

Meditation is great gift to give to yourself. It is a way to experience a higher quality of life by just going inside yourself & touching your center for a moment. It is a brief retreat from the world that lets you reenter the world with a more vivid presence.

...come-as-you-are meditation.

...engage your curiousity & sense of adventure. The rewards are a greater ability to pay attention to life and to love.

Meditation is about being intimate with your deepest self. Any sense of formality, any sense that you are doing a technique that comes from outside yourself interferes with this necessary closeness.

Meditation can and should be something you reach for as informally as you reach for a cup of tea, or an apple or the phone to talk to a friend--in other words, as a direct response to sensing some need in your body or heart.

Meditation is powered by our deepest cravings, not by discipline.

It should have a sense of luxury and deliciousness. It should be a place for you to entertain all your desires and longings and prepare to fufill them as much as is possible and ethical in your life.

This was Bebes meditating this morning. He's so damn sweet & cute. Peace y'all!

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