Sunday, December 17, 2006

iXmas/Chacha Changes/I'm Sick Damn it

Xmas has come early for me this year. Santa gave me my very first iPod (a super cute bright pink Nano). I somehow managed to get my new Toots & the Maytals cd onto iTunes and then on my iPod. Yipee! Yesterday a friend & I were shopping and stopped at the Mac store in Pioneer Place. I wanted to see how much a kicky little Nano holder would cost. $20 minimum. So I'm going to shop around & see if I can find something a wee bit cheaper as I've still got xmas presents to buy. Anyway I'm excited to explore this iTechnology and see where it takes me.

Speaking of cool presents Zee got me Chanel mascara. It's called Inimitable & this stuff is awesome! No raccoon eyes and it gives a natural look despite making my lashes look huge. Yay!

Yesterday had a few tougher moments until I called my sponsor and let a demon or two out of my head. She again told me how proud of me she is. I asked her why making the right, healthy and wise decisions feels so yucky sometimes. "Letting go is always hard, especially for us" and it is a comfort to know it is not just me. Once I talked to her I preceded (by sheer mental force at first) to take a yummy bath with a yummy coco butter Lush bath ball (I know poor me right?). Yum coco-butter. Then I coco-buttered myself more with a lotion & then futzed with my iPod, read David Sedaris, cuddled with my cat and watched Emma with my roomie. Changing rhythms in my lifestyle always feels hard at first and am glad that gratitude kicked in allowing me to live in that day. And that my friends is growth indeed!

I'm sick damn it. Not dying or anything but needing to baby myself big time as my throat is a bit sore & I'm coughing up a little goo. An ear, nose & throat thing I'm thinking. I wore myself down this week with some obsessive thinking and finally too much crying. So this week is TLC week so I don't leave for MN a week from now with my body & mind in a bad way. Anyway today I work and will so slow. I pray for guidance today and just enough grace to keep me from being cranky.

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Sara said...

OMG, I LOVE Toot!!!