Saturday, January 13, 2007

Celebs I'd Do

Okay I've been up since 5am. So laying in bed I started thinking about various things including celebrities who are hot & I'd totally have sex with. Yes I'm that slutty! So without further ado here are the celebs I'd do & what I think the sex would be like.

Men (yes men damnit, just cuz I'm a carpet muncher doesn't mean I don't upon occasion find dudes do-able!)
  1. Taye Diggs. I think he'd stare into my eyes & be very firm but gentle
  2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I'd hope he'd fuck me with all his might
  3. Denzel Washington. I think he'd be good at eating pussy
  4. Mark Ruffalo. He'd use a little light bondage on me I'm guessing
  5. Clive Owen. I'd tie his ass UP!


  1. Halle Berry. Oh god where to begin with this woman. Well since I'm such a sucker for waists I'd probably spend a lot of time caressing her curves. Then I think we'd have pretty typical you eat me I eat you type sex
  2. Selma Hayek. I think there would be a lot of kissing and then fisting
  3. Julianne Moore. I think we'd stare into each others eyes as we gave each other hand jobs
  4. Missy Elliott. There would be lots of laughter and experimentation
  5. Leisha Hailey (from the L Word). A strap on would definitely be involved

Well on that note I'm going to umm... take a nap. Yeah that's it. Peace y'all!

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Zee said...

Mark Ruffalo? Really? He doesn't do it for me at all... :-P