Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dill Havarti Cheese...

is so damn yummy! Last week DJ showed up for our date with a bouquet of tulips and a block of dill havarti cheese. No one had ever brought me cheese. Flowers yes. Flowers & cheese no. So this evening I'm munching on this cheese and getting geared up for a nice evening of must-see-TV.

Though I'm not the worlds biggest fan of television I have some certain things I love to watch. Thursday nights I always watch the comedy line-up on NBC. My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock are great shows. The Office & 30 Rock always make me laugh. 30 Rock has been the biggest surprise actually. When it was first advertised I thought it looked kinda stupid. But that Tina Fey & that shows team of writers really know their stuff & are great with subtlety. And Steve Carell on the Office is a hoot. In the film Bruce Almighty he stole the movie playing a newscaster being forced to say lines from a teleprompter that Jim Carrey's character "typed" in. In fact I was on an airplane on my way back to Portland from Detroit and Bruce Almighty was playing. When the above mentioned scene was playing I laughed so much my friend on the plane said everyone could hear me.

Heroes is my other favorite show. Normally I'm not into fantastical stuff but shit that show is good! Not only is the cast multi cultural but the plot is interesting and paced deliciously. The is also a mixed race child character on the show who along with others has special powers. Yay!

A show I'm not watching this season however is *gasp* The L Word. Yes it's true. I saw the season opener and it sucked. I mean really sucked. The plot didn't even make sense. My word for it is stupid. So disappointing! I'm just going to wait until season 4 is on DVD and watch it then. Hopefully there will be enough hot girl-on-girl action to finish all the episodes.

Speaking of watching stuff I saw the movie "The Curse of the Golden Flower." It was magnificent! Just beautiful. Visually stunning with a story that had so much back-stabbing and deception that I was utterly riveted. The costumes were so lovely and it was vibrant colors everywhere. Very highly recommended!

As much as I hate Coca-Cola the coke commercial before the previews I watched today was really cool. It mimiced a video game that was much like Grand Theft Auto. Only the main character helped people instead of attacking them. It wasn't perfect, there was a goofy scenario where he put a man who appeared to be homeless into a car full of beautiful women, but hey the commercial was a step in the right direction.

Last little thing. The American Lung Association of Oregon are hosting a wonderful event called Reach the Summit. Obviously it benefits the ALAO (an association near & dear to my heart...I mean lungs as I have asthma) but it's also really cool because instead of walking or running for a cause your climbing Mt. Hood (or Mt. Shasta). They even train folks and outfit them with equipment for the climb. So ya know, check it out. Okay y'all. Peace!

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