Friday, January 19, 2007

A Groovy Title Alludes Me

Today was a great day. Nothing special happened per se. Just a happy camper. I wasn't so sure if I'd be kinda sad today as last night I was grieving. Grieving for goodness knows what really. I guess my last relationship was a big part of the sadness. Grieving dreams that I'm grateful never came true. Loss sucks but I'm glad I cried & got through the feelings.

I wore a skirt today. Have not worn one since the summer and it felt so very good. Since having to wear an ankle brace I'm reluctant to wear any skirts that show my ankles. But I said "fuck it" and wore a very cute catholic school girl type skirt. Yes it's short, pleated, wool and has a black background with red, green, white & yellow plaid. It even has the lovely big gold pin to close up the side flap to keep others from seeing my goodies. The best part I must admit was wearing this skirt knowing the effect it would have on DJ. We discussed the catholic school girl sex play thing after I told her I was raised catholic. Just for fun I wore this skirt & when she came up to chat with me I was sitting. Then I said I had her surprise and stood up, showing the skirt. She grinned wildly & had to walk away for a bit because her face began turning bright red. Ahhhh!

In other news I really loved it when I was at a meeting tonight & it was said that you can't turn a pickle back into a cucumber. Why this thought got to me today is unknown to me. But there you have it!

Added 2 new blogs to my blogroll. 1st is Daily Dose of Queer. And well, it's a heck of a lot of queer news all day long. I love it! Also added is The Lesbian Lifestyle. I figure this is pretty self explanatory. And Guess what? TLL is having their 1st annual Lesbian Blog of the Year Award. And yes you want to nominate me. Just click on the nomination button at the top-o-this blog or click here. You don't have to be a homo to nominate me either, so there you go! Peace!

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