Sunday, January 28, 2007

End of Redolence. The New Beginning! QWOC!

Welcome to QWOC. I decided to rename this blog to bring more visibility to queer women of color on the world wide web. Since a great deal of the things that concern me in life have to do with issues for LGBTQ/women & folks of color I decided to rename & refocus. Yes you'll still have to read about my love life and diatribes about how awesome my cat is, but you'll also understand that even these experiences can be affected by my race, gender & where I like to stick my hand.

Since last year I decided Black History month needs to start early since February is the shortest of all months. We need equal time so this year I say Black History Month starts tomorrow. With that in mind tomorrows post will be about some of my heroes and the month will have some specific Black History posts. Enjoy y'all. Here's to Black history, Black future, QWOC and living in our truth one day at a time!

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