Saturday, January 27, 2007

So Sweet!

Okay so I'm not going to the par-tay after all. Decided I needed a me night. Wanted to paint my nails, do 12 step work and watch TV. Instead I have the television on in the background and am online futzing around. I've been looking at pussies (yes the ones on ladies but not for that reason! Trying for find a vag pic I can edit for my other blog) and making colors. Making colors? What the bloody heck is that? Well on COLOURlovers you can make up your own color palettes. So I had to download FireFox so I could do it and then I went to work and came up with the following. I call it Fall Evening.

The first and 3rd colors I got to name. The 1st is Deepest Blush & the other color I named I call Spiritual High. Nice eh? I put these colors together because they remind my of slightly warm shades at night in autumn.

Anywho my ladyfriend called a bit ago and we had the nicest phone call despite the fact that Lily (the dog) felt a need to bark the whole damn time. After saying what what WHAT I finally went into my room & shut the door to hear her. Now keep in mind I'm wanting to keep my readers from puking so I'm trying not to talk extensively about our hanging out. So feel free to skip this fourth coming mushy.

She called just to say she was thinking of me. Wants to make me dinner this week. Then she asks if I know much about my Native American background. I tell her yes I do because I did a big-ass report on the Creeks (Muskogee) in high school for National History Day. No one has ever taken an interest in my Creek-ness and DJ told me she spent some time the other day looking up info to find out more about my people. She has Native American ancestors too and is actually more Native then I, but I still find her interest sweet. Anyway she found some recipes on the internet and plans to make me a meal based on some Muskogee recipes. Awwww! I can't wait to hold her in my arms again and feel our limbs against each others. I'm very much taking this thing one day at a time. And today, even though I didn't see her in person, was pretty nice! Peace!

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