Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sick/The Dog Whisperer/Mpls Recap

I'm feeking sick gol gosh darnit! Am home using up most likely my last sick day from work. Ear nose & throat still. Called my doc & am waiting to hear back. Man I hate being under the weather. Makes things feel bigger than they are sometimes. For now I'm dosing up on vitamins & such & teas & praying the doc will have a miracle cure for me.

So my housemate Sarah is going to be out-o-town soon for a bit. While she's gone I'm going to work on training Lily using Cesar Milan's techniques. Lily is awesome but she thinks she rules the house. And the problem is that my housemate & I are the ones who truly need to change our energy & behavior. Sarah acknowledged that she may be the one who needs the most training when she gets back.

Well my trip to Minneapolis was great! Spending time with Heather my close friend for almost 20 years was wonderful! We both have done a lot of work in our lives & it was so nice to discuss our lives in a language we both speak. My best times in Minnesota were with her & my grandma. I also enjoyed seeing my uncle Rog & his wife & a bunch of their peeps on x-mas day. So the day I asked for prayers, the 28th was interesting to say the least. On our way from downtown to SE Minneapolis we got into a car accident. No joke! It was not my mom's fault thank goodness but it was a crappy way to start off her birthday. The guy who hit us had a big Ford F1500 truck with a big ass grill on it so his vehicle had very little damage. Mom's car got hit on the back side & needs almost $2000 bucks worth of work done.

Mom & I tried to make the best of things by heading to our appointments at the spa but we both were shaken up. I had to take care of myself later that evening & stay at Heather's parents house which is a block & a hlaf from my mom's & rest. The next day I went to lunch at White Castle (a place I never ate at when I lived in Mpls & now everytime I'm in Mpls I have to have it) and then met my mom at a coffee house and took off for the airport. All in all the trip was great. I really used my strength & boundaries to stay sane and it worked in everyone's favor. Hell's bells!

Well that's it. Peace!


Sara said...

I hope the doc has a fast cure for you, I have always sworn by my miracle hot drink of hot water with a TBS of cider vinegar & a TBS of honey . . . it sounds gross & isn't great tasting but the hot water looses the mucous, the vinegar cuts the phlem & the honey soothes the throat (you can adjust the amts too if you're not sure about the taste etc) good luck & feel better!!

Frances said...

Ooh Sara that sounds good!

Sara said...

I actually LOVE vinegar, so I drink it whenever I have all the ingredients handy, but others think it's a bit bitter, hope it works for ya. Too bad I'm leaving tomorrow or we (you, me, zee) could have done something fun together, guess we'll just wait for my next trip to PDX, unless you end up in London before hand :)