Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Okay. Fine! Here are some New Years Resolutions, Thank to Reading Mark Morfords Article

Before I get to the Resolutions I have to link y'all up to this post at Rachel's Tavern. It's Rachel's summary of racial trends in 2006. Very interesting and true!

Also For those who may wish to know my cold is better but still not great. Sara made a suggestion about vinegar, honey & warm water & I'm trying to figure out if it has to be cider vinegar or if I can use regular vinegar. She's on her way to London, but if she or anyone else knows, please give me a heads up!

When my housemate come home from visiting a mutual friend of ours, she brought back nasal spray. The deal is a person can only use it 3 days in a row & then must stop. So for now in the moment I can breathe through my nose. And our mutual friend sent with my roomie a bag full of medicinal treats such as throat drops, Emergen-C's and shower vapor tablets, just for me! I'm so grateful for friends.

Okay so here are the resolutions. After reading Mark Morford's article today I realized I need to be a little less lazy & make a few formal ones.

  1. Floss every damn day. I hate to admit I'm lazy about that one. But my family is prone to gum disease & besides flossing is good for me & makes me sexy. My therapist told me to say to myself when faced with flossing "I want to change." And I do. More & more I see that finally I'm becoming the woman I want to be. And well, the woman I want to be flosses.
  2. No getting into committed relationships until 6 months of dating. I can date but not be a girlfriend for at least 6 months of hanging out.
  3. I will Q-TIP when I feel like I'm being judged by others. Q-TIP stands for QUIT-TAKING-IT-PERSONALLY.
  4. Digest less caffeine, wheat, sugar and meat.
  5. Okay this resolution is a combo based on my Rob Brezney horoscope & something Mark Morford wrote in his column today. Here's the horoscope: "If 2006 sometimes felt like the Year of Perpetual PMS (even for you men), 2007 will quickly make you forget any bloated, edgy feelings that may still linger. The coming months may in fact feel like the Year of Perpetual Ovulation (even for you men). I bet you'll often feel horny not just for sexual adventures, but for other kinds of intimate exchanges that make you smarter and wilder." And the Mark Morford wrote "Maybe it's less about resolving to, say, breathe more deeply and remember everyone's name and lose five pounds and eat more organic greens and worship the texture of your own skin and never, ever orgasm without taking that feeling deep into your bones (exceptional resolutions, all, just not the only ones) and more about, say, resolving to use a slightly different yardstick by which you measure happiness and progress. You think?"

So with those words in mind my final resolution is to find or be in happiness where ever I'm at, in all the little, exciting, fun ways that exist. One of my problems in life used to be not enjoying the moment. I do it now, but now I want to let myself be energized by any given moment. To swallow it, thrust upon it & hug it knowing that if I let go I'll be more than alright. I'll be more joy-filled & hopeful & sincere & graceful.

With that I wish you all much love & happy thrusting upon life's glorious thigh!


Zee said...

Does anyone floss every day? I'm convinced that even dentists/hygienists don't floss on a daily basis. I mean, it's a great resolution and but if you don't manage to do it every day this year, at least you'll know you're in very good company. :-)

No idea about the vinegar/honey/water thing - but I think Sara's only headed back to Connecticut at this point (though I could be wrong). Maybe she'll chime in soon. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Sara said...

I'm on my way back to CT tonight & will be on the east coast for about a month while waiting for work permit papers to come through (aka a VISA)

It's the apple stuff in cider vinegar that is important.