Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trusting My Intuition

This is one of those moments where being true to myself is hard. I feel like folks may judge me for this decision but I have to do what feels right. I'm putting off school. Not forever, just for one more term. Seriously! Just the timing doesn't quite feel right. When this feeling came upon me I asked the powers that be for a sign. And if you believe in that sort of thing then believe me when I say I got it. On the way to class tonight I was going from one bus to another. In the block and a half I walked to my bus stop the rain poured fiercly. So much that I literally got soaked. My feet were wet, jeans damp and jacket throughly moist. As soon as I got under the bus shelter the rain slowed to regular drops and I thought "damnit."

I know I want to go back to school. And I know I'm just about ready. My ankle needs to be more solid for one thing. It's been swollen and in pain lately. My thought upon walking to work this morning was "it feels like it's going to crack apart on the inside ." Another sign. My decision to go back Winter term was rash and I know that what's good is it has gotten the ball rolling for me. All is in place. Soon my brain will be ready and I'm excited. In the meantime I have lots to do. With my housemate gone I've got prime opportunity to do a lot of growing via 1st step work.

So there it is. Judge me if you must. I know I'm struggling with judging myself on this. Believe me, believeing in myself is still hard sometimes. But on this matter I'm going to just practice trusting my intuition.

Otherwise it was a groovy day. Time to relax and play with Miss Lily. That dog is so goofy!

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